What People are Saying about the TADS Video

Thanks so much

Dear Deb & Steve, Thanks so much for opening yourselves so much. It was nothing short of heroic. You continue to be great, loving parents. This was very well done. There are many parts of this documentary that I would like my children to hear, ASAP.

Very useful video

Very useful video and great panel. The most valuable info I think I got was Deb's comment about not being afraid to take your child to a therapist at a young age, but there were many other great bits of advice and information.

Fabulous presentation

Fabulous presentation. The Boczenowskis are courageous, brave, incredibly smart and sensitive. The best advocates for any parents trying to figure out what to do with their child - BRAVO!.

Useful advice

This is such a useful video - useful point of view for parents and useful advice from all featured