Steve Boczenowski

Public Speaker for Suicide Prevention and Teen Mental Health Issues

Steve Boczenowski

Steve Boczenowski

Public Speaker for Suicide Prevention and Teen Mental Health Issues ... 978-302-3849
  • Founder of Teenage Anxiety and Depression Solutions (TADS)
  • Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention 2013 Leadership in Suicide Prevention Award
  • President, Board of Directors, Family Continuity, Lawrence, MA, 2014 - Present
  • Advisory Board Member, The William James College INTERFACE Referral Service, Newton, MA, 2015 - Present
  • Moderator, Carrying On, A Support Group for Survivors of Suicide, Groton, MA, 2010 – 1016
  • Presented to Massachusetts Suicide Prevention Conference, National Alliance on Mental Illness Massachusetts Annual Conference, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association Mental Health Workshop, various parent groups including Emerson Hospital, Groton, Billerica, Northbridge, Shirley, and Townsend; and various high school classrooms including Groton-Dunstable, Minuteman Vocational Tech, and Saco, ME

What people say about Steve’s presentations …

"Steve Boczenowski is one of the most effective public communicators I have encountered in my quarter-century of work as an educator.  His presentations combine life experiences, extensive research and practical intervention suggestions in a manner that captures the attention of audiences and inspires communities to take action in combating the mental health crisis our society is facing today."

Mark Hennelly, MSW
Guidance Counselor
Groton-Dunstable Regional High School

“I have heard Steve Boczenowski speak about suicide prevention on several occasions. Each time, his presentation has been powerful. His story is emotional and compelling, and he uses it well to demonstrate the importance of suicide prevention efforts and the needs of those who are impacted by mental health challenges and suicide.”

Larry Berkowitz, Ed.D.
Director and Co-founder
Riverside Trauma Center

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve Boczenowski for the past 5 years. Steve has served as served on Family Continuity’s board of directors during this time and facilitated all of our board meetings for the past 4 years. He is an excellent leader, speaker and facilitator in this role. Additionally, Steve has given two training presentations for our agency staff entitled “A Life Unfulfilled: the Story of Jeffery Boczenowski”. An important take away in addition to the suicide prevention information, was a reminder to our staff of what it is like to be on the ‘client’ side of a tragedy.

I highly recommend Steve as a trainer of Suicide Prevention to any organization. His experience with and dedication to educating others on the subject matter, brings a critically important perspective to the presentations that other trainers may not have.”

Barbara Wilson, LICSW
President & CEO
Family Continuity

“Steve Boczenowski has made a significant impact on many Massachusetts parents and school staff by telling his family’s story of loss with an honesty and openness that encourages his audience to consider the young people in their lives and how they can make a difference. While Steve comes to this work as a survivor of tragedy, he tells the story of a father’s love and delivers a powerful message of hope, which is both engaging and empowering for his audience. Beyond his personal experience with youth suicide, Steve is knowledgeable about what works in suicide prevention: educating parents and caregivers about ways to reduce risk, watch out for warning signs, and take action as needed. Collaborating with Steve to provide adult training in conjunction with our student-centered SOS program, has allowed SOS to engage a larger audience outside of the classroom, creating a stronger community of support for young people in need.”

Meghan Diamon, LCSW
Suicide Prevention Specialist
Signs of Suicide Program
MindWise Innovations

“Whether or not you’ve been personally impacted by suicide, Steve’s powerful and loving story about his son will touch everyone in the audience. Because he speaks from his heart, his story is inspirational, honest and incredibly moving. His passion and commitment to suicide prevention are a great tribute to his son and bring awareness to mental health. He is articulate and engaging and is the ray of hope and resilience that everyone needs.”

Debbie Helms
Director, Samaritans of Merrimack Valley
A program of Family Services of the Merrimack Valley

“I have seen the power of personal stories. Without them, change would be arduous. We all benefit from the courageous efforts of those with lived experience who share their hardships and triumphs. When telling his story, Steve captivates his audience. His words are honest and powerful. We need more public speakers like him to help us learn and grow.”

Dellie Champagne
CBHC Community Engagement Coordinator
New Futures

“I recently asked Steve to come speak at our foster parent training and I am so happy that I did. Not only did he share the truly touching, and heartbreaking, story that led him to speaking out about teen mental health and suicide awareness, he also gave us invaluable tools to use in our work as foster parents. I cannot thank him enough for coming to share his knowledge and personal experience with us. I would have him back in a heartbeat.”

Kelsey Stevens
Family Resource Liaison
Lowell Area DCF office

“Steve Boczenowski is a compelling speaker and advocate for suicide prevention. His story is personal and impactful and all who have the opportunity to listen to Steve will be drawn to action. Steve gives the audience facts that are so very important to know, and one also learns how important it is to listen to those around you for signs of suicide. I highly recommend Steve to be a part of any suicide prevention program so that one can better learn the landscape of suicide prevention and ways to help, while also becoming keenly aware of the impact suicide has on a family and a community.”

Margaret Hannah
Executive Director
Freedman Center for Child and Family Development
William James College